24 Jul 2017

Click here to contact the Blackmore Vale Cycling Club

Membership enquiries

All Membership enquires should be addressed to the Membership Secretary

Event enquiries

Weekend Rides

All inquires regarding weekend rides should be addressed to the the nominated Ride Leader who's contact details are given as part the Weekend Ride details listed under the Events tap.

Ron's Rendezvous and Reprise Rides

All enquiries regarding these rides should be addressed to should be addressed to Ron on 01258 821151.

Other Events

All enquiries regarding other events should be addressed to the Club Secretary.

Website enquiries

Members having a problem with the website? Log-in, click on the Help-desk link at the bottom of the website and send an issue ticket.

If you cannot log-in or have an issue regarding changes to personal data ie e-mail address, contact the Club's Webmaster.

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