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Minutes of the BVCC AGM 2016

01 Oct 2017

Blackmore Vale Cycling Club

First Annual Meeting

Saturday 22nd October

At Alweston Village Hall DT9 5HT

Approx. 1.30 pm


1.  Roger welcomed everyone to the meeting, looking forward to continued sociable leisure cycling in the new Club.

2.  Jill read out the simple Constitution which describes our Purpose, Affiliation – for Ride leader and organiser insurance, Leader and Rider guidance, Membership and Meetings.

3.  The following Committee was established: Chairman Paul Nicholson, Treasurer Mary Emerson-Read, Secretary Jill Kieran, Ride Organiser Charlie Porter, Committee members David Matten, Roger Halton, Martin Fortis.

4.  Social Events: Jenny has a skittles evening planned for November 11th. An annual Club meal will be held in January. Roger has begun looking at possible holiday venues for early summer 2017.

5.  AOB: Peter asked that the current contact through Cycle-clips be continued, as well as coffee meetings and a range of geographically varied rides across our catchment area. He was reassured all cycling opportunities will continue. Mary is happy to continue editing Cycle-clips. Dave explained the situation with the Website. There would probably be complications with the current Domain name and it would be better to have a new provider. Arthur offered advice and we hope to have the site ready before February when the current provision expires.


Jill Kieran



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    1. BVCC AGM Oct 2017 Minutes