Saturday 20 May 2017

Rain forecast, 14 met for coffee at Castle Gardens. Richard N’s sister had travelled all the way from the USA.
It has been a busy week for BVCC members; Jackie completed her End to End, well done Jackie!!! Ed and Mike Anyan completed their Side to Side for The Air Ambulance.
Refreshments taken the wise ones returned to the East. Good to see Paul Martin clocking up the miles. Seven set off to explore the byways of South Somerset. Thanks go to Roger for delivering Jill into our care for the day.
 We are aware that times are hard but someone must soon take responsibility for repair or collapse of the border crossing bridge between Ryme Intrinseca  and Hamish.
Climbing to the top of Primrose Hill reward came in the shape of a tarmac carpet stretching out all along the Coker Ridge ( Wise Council indeed!!)
 Probable cost? Considerably more than the Tisbury Branch Manifold, a fine example of the Art of the Black Stuff. Mike Phillips joined us here. We survived the descent into Chiselborough, as the view opens up it is about as near as you get to flying without leaving terra firma. The clouds were getting darker, decision taken at Norton to head directly to lunch. We were ahead of schedule at Muchelney in time for a little culture. A visit was made to see the 17th century ceiling of the Parish Church, proper art!! Branch Manifold, huh!!
Onto lunch at The Kitchen at the Wharf, which must have been a success as all seemed keen to stay for extra coffee, or was it just the rain hammering down? A drop bar 25 inch Raleigh was seen chained to a fence, someone unkindly put forward the notion that there must have been an outbreak of fencing theft in Langport.
Back on the road the eagle eyed or maybe just the train spotters amongst us would have noted crossing the Gantry bridge that icon of 70’s design an Intercity 125 in it’s GWR livery, you will not see many of these in Dorset.
On we pedaled or paddled via Wearne and Pitney Park through Somerton, where Mike left us ,onto Babcary where a choice was needed! Was it right, and a man versus machine contest between Duracell Ron and Charlie on Steart Hill? Or left and a chance to take tea at the 21st century style icon, home of many branch manifolds that is  Hayne’s Museum. Decision taken we made tea with an hour to spare.
On the run in Ron left us saying something about his front door closing at 5!! Did he make it? Will he be allowed out next week? Goodbye’s said, all that remained was the heaviest shower of the day and the climb to Corton Ridge. Was it imagination or are there a job lot of signposts scattered around all reading Sherborne 3 ½ until you reach the Red Post but that’s a different story.
Thanks to all who joined us, Sherborne to Sherborne 54 miles climbed  2,378 ft,   Jill 61 miles and Mary 87 miles
Peter and Nicky Vaughan


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